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Charlotte Karim

Prep Teacher

Short Biography:

I have been living in Indonesia for thirteen years and I have spent nine of these in Lombok. Having initially qualified as an ESL teacher I began my career at Nusa Alam helping students who needed extra support with their English skills. Having proved myself in this role and, upon upgrading my qualifications in 2014, I undertook  the role of Senior Prep teacher. I feel that I have found my niche teaching this age group and I am currently seeking to upgrade my qualifications to an even higher standard to reflect the change in my role.


I have three children of my own who also attend SNA and I am proud of the achievements and progress they have made so far on their SNA journey, both socially and academically. This is a testament to the high quality of teaching that they enjoy here every day.

Educational Philosophy:

As an educator, we have the ability to influence and shape our students lives in many different ways, from their social skills to their work ethic. This is a huge responsibility and one that gives me great pleasure and pride. My goal is to provide my learners with the necessary tools to help them become independent, critical thinkers as well as caring, considerate and compassionate global citizens who will make their own unique mark on the world