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Ben Wilson

ICT and Business Studies Teacher

Short Biography:

Going into my second year of teaching at Nusa Alam I understand what a wonderful opportunity it is to work in a fantastic school. Originally from Ireland I completed my degree in Scotland and finally moved to Cornwall, England to complete my PGCE where I spent 5 years teaching in a variety of roles before moving abroad. Completing a degree in Business Information Systems has allowed me to teach a wealth of subjects from Computer Science, ICT and Business Studies. Also my keen interest in sport and playing soccer to a high level in the UK has also led me to teach outside the classroom as a PE teacher. I first came to Indonesia to enjoy my main hobby of surfing. More than a decade on I am proud to call Lombok home.

Educational Philosophy:

The Salmon of Knowledge - (Irish: bradán feasa) is famous in Irish mythology for always seeking knowledge. I believe the goal of education is to encourage the seeking and discovery of knowledge. My personal philosophy of education is based around a supportive, engaging and inclusive educational environment with positive and engaging teacher-student relationships,  where students are not afraid to make mistakes. Teachers have the responsibility to create a cooperative learning environment where students feel safe and secure.

Due to the evolving world of ICT teachers are preparing students for jobs that do not exist yet. Therefore, I believe in giving students the opportunity to learn in an IT rich environment to become the best 21st century learners in order to give them maximum opportunities in life.