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SNA History

The foundations of the school were laid in 1999 with the formation of the yayasan by Ibu Ace Robin and Ibu Sopantini and the acquisition of the front building by Keith and Asri Mitchell on behalf of Ibu Ace Robin and Peter Cranfield, the Lombok resident founders. Joint founder Mark Heyward acted as educational consultant. The school opened on January 17th 2000 with six students and five teaching staff (three full-time Indonesian and two part-time international teachers). It grew steadily over the first two years, with Ibu Sopantini as the founding principal. Work continued on consolidating curriculum planning, administrative systems and the professional development of teachers. Sekolah Nusa Alam was a founding member of the National Plus Schools Association, formed in Jakarta in 2000.

Founding Staff Members (2000)

Ibu Pearl Daphne accepted the position of Head Teacher in 2002 as the school became more established and enrollments grew to over 50 by the start of 2003. To accommodate the growth, land was acquired adjacent to the initial site. A sports hall was built in late 2002 followed by new classrooms, a covered play area and a toilet block, completed in June 2003, and subsequently a parking area. In the years 2004 to 2013 further additions were made including junior secondary classrooms and buildings extended to provide more classrooms, sports halls, science and computer labs, play areas and toilet facilities, a large parking area and a senior school block.

In 2014 the school obtained its SPK licence and also achieved SMA national accreditation obtained with a score of 92, and designation ‘Amat Baik’ (Excellent).

As the school entered its 17th year it begins a new chapter with the agreement to move to a brand new purpose-built international campus on the outskirts of Mataram, only a short distance from the original Nusa Alam site.


History Over the Years



  • ·         Yayasan Sekolah Nusa Alam established with Ace Robin, Peter Cranfield, Sopantini and Mark Heyward as founding members


  • ·         Sekolah Nusa Alam opens in January with 6 students and 5 teachers (2 expatriate)
  • ·         Sopantini is appointed as founding Head, with Mark Heyward as International Advisor
  • ·         The Kindergarten (TK) is licensed in October 2000 (No.20/120.1.F/HK/2000)
  • ·         Land is acquired adjacent to the initial site. A sports hall is built.
  • ·         Two of the Founders initiate and run Adding Value, the first national conference for national-plus schools in collaboration with Sekolah Pelita Harapan. Association of National Plus Schools (ANPS) is established.


  • ·         Pearl Daphne is appointed as Head Teacher


  • ·         The school is formerly opened by the Governor of NTB on 9th June.
  • ·         The primary school (SD) is licensed in January 2003 (No.124 Tahun 2003)
  • ·         After three years of growth (despite major riots in Lombok in 2000 destroying the tourist economy for a period), enrolments reach 50.
  • ·         Primary and kindergarten (TK) expands.
  • ·         Construction of new classrooms, a covered play area, an amenities block and parking area completed.



  • ·         Junior secondary school (SMP) opens.
  • ·         A science lab and junior secondary classrooms are constructed.
  • ·         The Pre-School (Pra-TK) is licensed in February 2004 (No.821/10- Dikdas/DPK/2004SPDT)
  • ·         Accreditation with ANPS in August 2004.


  • ·         The primary school (SD) is accredited in June 2005 with a Class A Certificate

(Sertifikat Akreditasi Sekolah: No. 23.01.Dd.0001.05).


  • ·         The Junior-Secondary school (SMP) is licensed as an integrated school incorporating primary and junior-secondary (sekolah pendidikan dasar terpadu or ‘satu atap’ including SMP & SD) in March 2006 (No.871/15 Perenc/DPK/2006).


  • ·         Enrolment reaches 108
  • ·         The first SMP graduates top the district in the national examinations and are accepted into two of the most selective senior secondary schools in the province (SMA1 and SMA2 in Mataram).


  • ·         Gregg Renneberg is appointed as Principal in January
  • ·         Year 10 (SMA1) classes commence, offering the University of Cambridge International Examinations curriculum.


  • ·         Enrolment climbs to 186


  • ·         Cambridge International accreditation is achieved (IGCSE)
  • ·         Senior Secondary School (SMA) opens
  • ·         First stage of high school block is completed


  • ·         Derek Pugh is appointed as Principal in January
  • ·         Second stage of high school block and new science laboratory completed
  • ·         Enrolment climbs to 220
  • ·         First two SMA graduates


  • ·         First SMA cohort graduates and several students move on to tertiary education in various overseas universities
  • ·         Enrolment reaches 226
  • ·         Further six SMA graduates


    • ·         Karl Kraus is appointed as Acting Principal in January
      • ·       SPK license obtained
      • ·       SMA national accreditation obtained with a score of 92, and designation ‘Amat Baik’ (Excellent)
    • ·         Yayasan is restructured to comply with changed regulations as Yayasan NusaAlam


  • ·         Terry Renton is appointed as Acting Principal in January
  • ·         John Roach is appointed as Principal in July


  • ·         Agreement is reached with PT Varindo to provide a new campus in Mataram



  • ·         New five-year School Development Plan adopted


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