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Nusa Alam Book Day 2018 Celeberation

We had a unique and successful Book Day last Friday. Thank you to everyone who dressed up as your book character, you looked fantastic in these photos!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our community beach clean

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our community beach clean today. It was truly special to see so many schools and members of the community working together to achieve a better environment for Lombok.
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Nusa Alam Celebrate Science Week 2018

Science Week is an annual celebration of science in Sekolah Nusa Alam, an opportunity to join together to enjoy and explore the wonders and benefits of science. We held a science fair last Friday to showcase and celebrate the excellent science work that the students had completed in their classrooms. We also had competitions such as Poster making, Mini Garden, Investigatory Project and Amazing Experiment.


Year 3/4 students Field trips to kitchen of Pizza Hut

Field trips expand our students' learning through active hands-on experience using the resources available in the local community. In this field trip, we visited Pizza Hut Restaurant in order to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of our topic of study 'From Field to Table'.

Year 3/4 students were taken inside the kitchen of Pizza Hut to see the process of production and quality control. Students also made their own personal pan pizza following Pizza Hut’s standard operating procedures under the guidance of the manager.

Visiting Pizza Hut gave a hands-on learning experience to our students which has helped them to boost their thinking skills and creativity towards food industry.




Beach clean on Meninting Beach on Friday 2nd March

Sekolah Nusa Alam's Green Team have organised a community beach clean on Meninting Beach on Friday 2nd March in conjunction with One Island One Voice's whole island clean up on Bali that will take place on the 24th February. This is a community event, so along with SNA students, we will be joined with SDN1 Meninting, SDN2 Sandik, SDN1 Batu Layar and SDN3 Meninting. Therefore, we expect approx 300 students plus members of the local community.

Everyone will meet at 8am at Sekolah Nusa Alam for photographs and instructions and the beach clean will commence at 8:30.

This is part of ongoing work to raise awareness of environmental issues and particularly plastic pollution.

We would love to see as many friends and family of Sekolah Nusa Alam, so if you can make it please come along!