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Year 3-4 Class Exhibition

The culminating event to celebrate our students' learning this term. Our students were engaged, challenged and had fun throughout the activities. We were thankful to see so many parents in our class for the event. It is important for parents to be involved in order to to have a better understanding of the experiences and expectations in our class.

Visit from Gili Eco Trust

We had Delphin from the Gili Eco Trust visit us on 22nd September 2017. Their website is here if you would like to know more. We will be following up on this next term and hope that you will get involved with us.





PTA Family Picnic 23 September 2017

We had a highly enjoyable PTA Family Picnic on Saturday which many people attended. We shared food, laugh and met many new people. Special thanks to the PTA for organising it, and to Rifki and Ikha for being so hospitable and allowing us to spend time at their beautiful villa.

SNA celebrated the Independence Day

On Wednesday, August 16, SNA celebrated the Independence Day. All students and parents enjoyed the day by having some fun games and lovely food. The day started with the flag ceremony performed by Admin staff. There were Kerupuk races, Sack Races, Bakiak races, and Marbles and Spoon races. The parents and the teachers had a Tug-o-war game and Bakiak race. The day ended with a SNA community picnic. We would like to thank all the PTA and parents who provided the fantastic prizes and food, and also teachers and staff for their huge support and participation.

On behalf of all the teachers at SNA, we would like to express our gratitude to all the parents who supported and participated in the Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday. Thank you too for all the lovely prizes and delicious food you brought to and for school. What a lovely day 

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Presentasi tentang kuliah kepada kelas 7-8-9

Alumni Siswa Nusa Alam, Luluk Mulahella dan Leyla Rose sedang memaparkan tentang bagaimana kehidupan belajar di kuliah, dan bagaimana cara mendapatkan tempat kuliah yang baik bagi siswa agar sesuai dengan minat dan bakat dari siswa, siswa sangat bersemangat dan tertarik untuk lebih giat belajar agar dapat di terima di tempat kuliah yang baik dan bagus

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