Admission and Fees

Fees fall into three categories: tuition, a technology levy (for grades 1-12) and a development fee. A registration fee is also charged for new enrolments. The current tuition fees and schedule of payments are available from the front office.

Tuition fees cover the operational costs of the school and include books, equipment and daily fruit snacks. When more than one child is enrolled, the tuition fee for the second child is reduced by 10% and for subsequent children by 20%.

The technology levy covers the purchase, upgrade and servicing of computers and other technology in the school.

The development fee is used for general school development, including facility and building extension. It is accepted as an annual payment only.

School fees are billed for the entire school year or on quarterly payment plans. Payment is due before the first day of the school year, or at the beginning of each term on the dates advertised. Billing will be in Indonesian rupiah.

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to the account nominated on the invoice. Proof of payment must be submitted to the front office. Cash or $US or Euros will be accepted in special cases with the permission of the Principal and the office administrator.