This mission statement was adopted when the school was established in 1999. It remains the guiding focus for school planning and programs.

Sekolah Nusa Alam aims to:

  1. provide quality education to the children of Indonesian and expatriate families in Lombok;
  2. facilitate the development of education in Indonesia, especially in Lombok.

To achieve this mission, the school:

  1. adopts quality methods, international standards, and a combined national-international system;
  2. employs curriculum & teaching methodology based on ‘world best practice’ integrated with Indonesian cultures and values;
  3. prepares children to enter the new era and meet its challenges through a balanced curriculum which includes: focus on literacy and numeracy; technology education; language education (particularly English and Indonesian); development of independence, creativity and thinking skills; development of personal and social skills, and development of balanced values of life
  4. Carries out other supportive educational activities to improve the quality of Indonesian schools in general and schools in the surrounding area in particular.